Bodark Turnings

I don't know if Bodark is the hardest wood in the United States, but it sure is close!  There are fence posts around made of this wood that are 100 years old and still in use!  You will find the larger turnings of this wood in this section.  One of the things that is a gift from Mamma Nature is that bodark changes from it's original bright yellowish gold color to a burnt orange color after a while.  It's a simple oxidation process that happens after long exposure to air and light.  I keep the mortars and pestles, boxes, and candy/nut bowls in those sections.  Look for serving bowls and platters and such here.  Also, because of the high density of this wood it is not unusual to find spider web like stress cracks in it.  Nothing to be alarmed about.  They so rarely ever go all the way through the piece.  I hope you enjoy looking at what is here as much as I enjoyed turning them.


5 1/2" Bodark Burl 3 Corner Bowl


Kinda cute, ain’t it?  And, the wood is quite nice being bodark, or osage orange depending on where you are.  Some even know it as being bois d’ arc or horseapple.  One thing that defines this wood from most others is it’s extreme density and hardness.  Another thing that defines this wood is that Mamma Nature gives you a surprise with it.  Due to natural oxidation, this wood turns from the yellow color to a dark burnt orange color.  Just another wonder of Nature.  This bowl being from a burl has some rustic characteristics to it that most folks love, including knots.  There is some roughness on the edges here and there and that adds to the appeal of it.  The diameter is about 5 ½”, 2 ¾” high, and has a depth of 1 ¼”.  It also has a volume measuring 1 cup.  The wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil and then straight shellac was rubbed into it.  This gives the bowl a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  12Feb17  BLBA91  $25.00 and $10.00 S&H


9" Bodark Display Bowl


One of the things that can always be said about bodark is that it gives off a rustic look.  Also known as osage orange or even horseapple it is a very hard and dense wood.  That is one of the reasons for the stress cracks that you see in the wood.  Typical for this wood to have them and 95% of the time they give no trouble.  In this case there were some cracks that I thought needed some color fill so I used crushed turquoise powder.  It has a fairly large capacity at 4 cups.  That will hold a lot of fruits and such.  Please use as a display bowl only as that it does leak liquids.  The diameter is 9” with a height of 2 ¼” and a depth of 1 ½”.  The wood was sealed with a couple of coats of food grade walnut oil and then finished with a walnut oil/shellac mixture.  This gives to bowl a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  This wood has a natural tendency to turn a darker shade of burnt orange.  2Jan17  BLBA89  $30.00 and $11.00 S&H


10 1/2" Bodark Burl Display Bowl


For those who don’t know much or anything about bodark let me tell you about it briefly.  Extremely hard, dense, almost indestructible and also known as osage orange and horseapple.  I do believe that sums it up pretty much.  This bowl is to be used for a display bowl for fruits, nuts and all kinds of other tasty items that are not liquid.  Also for your information the burl of a tree is the hardest part.  That makes this bowl rather special in my mind.  Also, bodark turns from a yellowish gold color naturally to a great looking burnt orange.  This bowl is 10 ½” in diameter, 2 ½” high, and 1 ¾” deep.  The volume measures at 5 cups, just over a quart.  The wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil and then finished with a walnut oil/shellac mixture.  Using this combination gives the bowl a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  9Dec16  BLBA87  $35.00 and $12.00 S&H