Muddlers and Others

What is in the world is a muddler???  It is a tool used by bartenders to mash or smash fruits in the bottom on drink glasses.  How about that?  I have to admit that the first time I heard about a muddler I had to ask what it was.  Now you might also want to know what "Others" are.  Well, pretty much anything that does not fit into any other set category.  So, it might be mallets and no telling what else.  Might even be a gavel set.  So, just visit now and then and see what shows up.

8 3/4" Bodark Muddler


What can one say about a muddler turned from bodark.  You might know the wood as osage orange, bois d arc, or even horseapple.  All the same wood, folks!  There is only one wood harder than this in North America that I am aware of and there is actually a debate on that.  A classic design with lines burned into the handle area for decoration.  The wood was sealed with two coats of food grade walnut oil and is renewable with olive oil.  The length of this muddler is 8 ¾” and it has a diameter of ¾” on the business end.  If all else fails a bartender might rap an unruly customer on the knuckles with this.  It will get their attention.  24Feb16  MRBA3  $17.00 and $8.00 S&H