I think the title is rather self explanatory.  Someone is gonna say I am being tacky saying that but I can't help myself.  But what I will be placing here for your perusal are primarily salt and spice boxes.  Now these may also be used for herbs and teas as well.  You will find these useful whether you are a professional chef or the chief cook in the house.  So take a look and I bet you will find something you really like.

Gorgeous Red Cedar Box


Pecan Wood Salt/Herb/Tea Box


This pecan wood box is a bit different from what I normally turn.  The lids that I normally turn are more or less a stopper type where this one sets down surrounding a rim on the vessel.   The lid has just enough play in it to allow for the possibility of the wood swelling from high humidity.  The grain patterns and natural color of pecan wood is superb.  Some folks only want things turned from pecan.  Can’t blame them.  The diameter of the box is 3 ½” with a total height of 2 ½”.  The vessel height is 2” and the depth is 2”.  The volume measures at ¾ cup.  That may not seem like a lot, but when you consider how much salt or other spices or herbs that is you will conclude that is a goodly amount.  The wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil.  The finishing was done with orange oil wax.  Using these methods and materials gives the box a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  13Jul21  BXP114  $37.50  Qualifies for free shipping within the United States.



Hollow Form "Flying Saucer" Pecan Goodie Box


Now, how about this!?!  A truly unique shaped box for your goodies or treasures.  Basic shape is like a flying saucer, with the interior hollowed out also making this a hollow form piece.  Wasn’t sure just which category to put it in so I decided on boxes.  Turned from truly magnificent pecan wood, this piece has everything that would make a rustic fan happy.  You have some worm holes, you have natural edge, you have spalting, and even a knot hole or two.  Just doesn’t get any better than this.  This box holds a nice amount of 3 cups.  The outside measures 8 ½” and the inside lip is 2 ¾”.  The total height is 5” and the vessel height is 3 1/4”.  The depth of the vessel is 2 ¾”.  The hollowing of the interior follows the exterior fairly well.  The wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil and then finished with a walnut oil and shellac mixture.  A combination such as this gives the box a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  26Mar19  BXP98  $42.50  Free shipping within Continental United States.