Contact and Purchasing Information

      For those who need to contact me directly, the most efficient way is by email.  My email address is:


     If you are one of those bloggers, which I have to admit I am you may contact me through my blog.  By the way.  Who came up with the word "blog"?  Sounds kinda weird, doesn't it?  This is the link to that:


     I was having some difficulties figuring out what had happened to the individual links to my Etsy selling site.  With a bit of tinkering I deciphered what was going on and am now in the process of fixing the links as of 1Apr15.  It will take a couple of days or so to get it all done, but done it will be.  So, bear with me and any links that are not repaired, please just copy the link and then paste into your browser and it will take you there.   If you want to just go to my shop site on Etsy, use the link below: