Dough/Trench Bowls

This page represents an expansion in my product line.  I have been asked about dough or trench bowls in the past and I decided to tool up and make some.  There is no turning involved with these.  It is strictly hollowing out and shaping and sanding.  I will be making them from a variety of woods as well as shapes and sizes.  For a bit of trivia these are also known as trenchers.  Hope you like them.

Small Pecan Burl Trench Bowl


If you like wood pieces that have a great rustic appeal to them then this smallish sized trench bowl will have you smacking your lips!  Made from beautiful pecan wood and coming from a burl just add to the beautiful appearance of this piece.  There is a bit of unevenness on the inside of the bowl for a handmade and rustic appeal.  The outside edges are natural which aids in appearance as well.  This bowl will hold about 1 ½ cups of liquid and that just ain’t bad for this piece.  The bowl is 9 ½” long and 6” wide.  The height is 1 ¾” and the average depth is 1”.  The wood was sealed and finished with food grade walnut oil.  Using this gives the bowl a nice natural renewable finish.  29Jan17  DTP1  $30.00 and $11.00 S&H