Dough/Trench Bowls

This page represents an expansion in my product line.  I have been asked about dough or trench bowls in the past and I decided to tool up and make some.  There is no turning involved with these.  It is strictly hollowing out and shaping and sanding.  I will be making them from a variety of woods as well as shapes and sizes.  For a bit of trivia these are also known as trenchers.  Hope you like them.

Cottonwood Centerpiece Trencher


This trencher made from beautiful cottonwood will look really good as the centerpiece on your dining table.   OK, you might even have it on your sideboard.  Use it for fruits and nuts and other tasty goodies!  After all you may use it with confidence as the wood was sealed and finished with food grade walnut oil.  This finish is totally renewable with olive oil.  The length is 18 ¼” with a width of 7 ½”.  The height came to 1 ½” and the depth at an average of 1 ½”.  The volume if you need it measures at 4 ½ cups.  So go ahead, get this and put it on your table and folks are gonna ask about it!  6Dec17  DTCW1  $37.50 and $14.00 S&H


Pecan Natural Edge Trencher


Now lookee here!!!  A trench bowl made from pecan wood that has bark on both sides!  What more could you ask of a bowl of this type?  Now I am not gonna say that this bowl kinda kicked me around some while I was hollowing it out, but it did.  Are all of the inside surfaces even?  No.  Does it have a hand hollowed out look?  Yes it does.  Even though most of the hollowing was done with a power tool, it was still done with my hands controlling it.  Definitely not computerized or lasered.  Uhuh  I did all I can do to keep the bark on the sides, but I can’t guarantee just how long it will stay.  But, it should be for quite a while.  To help keep the bark in place, besides reinforcing it with clear glue, I also sprayed the bark and bottom with spray shellac.  The top and inside was finished with two coats of food grade walnut oil.  The trencher is 12 ½” long, 10” wide, 1 ¾” high, and has an average depth of 1”.  Won’t be another one like it so don’t pass it up.  4Dec17  DTP2  $38.50  $14.00 S&H


Elegant Elm Display Trencher


This trencher bowl from elm certainly is elegant looking.  When you take in consideration the natural colors of the wood along with a tad bit of spalting Mamma Nature added, it makes for one beautiful piece of wood.  You will find this trencher is perfect for putting nuts and fruits in as a centerpiece for your table.  This particular trencher bowl has just enough unevenness in the inside to give it a hand chiseled look.  I do try and leave enough of that for a nice rustic appearance.  This piece is 15 ¾” long and 6 ½” wide.  The height is 1 ¼” with a depth of ¾” average.  For more perspective the volume up to the brim is 3 cups.  It does actually hold liquids though not really the purpose of this trencher.  The wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil and then it received another coat.  When the wood feels a bit dry it is renewable with regular kitchen olive oil.  25Feb17  DTE4  $32.50  and $14.00 S&H


Small Pecan Burl Trench Bowl


If you like wood pieces that have a great rustic appeal to them then this smallish sized trench bowl will have you smacking your lips!  Made from beautiful pecan wood and coming from a burl just add to the beautiful appearance of this piece.  There is a bit of unevenness on the inside of the bowl for a handmade and rustic appeal.  The outside edges are natural which aids in appearance as well.  This bowl will hold about 1 ½ cups of liquid and that just ain’t bad for this piece.  The bowl is 9 ½” long and 6” wide.  The height is 1 ¾” and the average depth is 1”.  The wood was sealed and finished with food grade walnut oil.  Using this gives the bowl a nice natural renewable finish.  29Jan17  DTP1  $30.00 and $11.00 S&H