Jars & Canisters

In the past I had been putting these jewels in the Boxes section.  I decided as that since I will be expanding the jar and canister pieces that they should have their own page.  So here we go.  The biggest difference between a box and a jar or canister is the size and capacity.  So most likely some of the pieces in the boxes section are probably going to get their name slightly changed and added to this section.  Enjoy!!!


Pecan Pedestal Candy/Nut Bowl


One thing about pecan wood is the wondrous colors of it.  This jar was turned from a branch that was originally about 8” in diameter.  Besides being used as a candy or nut jar, you might put jewelry and other nice items in it.  Personally I’d hide my own little stash of M&M’s in it.  It will hold 2 cups of them and that’s a fair amount.  The outside diameter is 5 ¼” with an inside lip diameter of 2 ¾”.  The total height is 7” and the depth is 3”.  Use it with total confidence as the wood was first sealed with food grade walnut oil and then finished with a walnut oil/shellac mixture very heavy on the shellac.  I always mix a bit of oil in the shellac so it spreads and permeates the wood better.  With a combination such as this the jar has a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  19Apr17  BXP78  $37.50 and $12.00 S&H


The Ultimate Candy Jar


This is without a doubt what I would consider the ultimate in candy jars.  After all it was turned from beautiful pecan wood.  You just ain’t gonna get much better than that.  There were some cracks that did not go all the way through so I filled some with natural dust and clear glue and others with coffee grounds and even some powered copper.  All these combined with the natural colors of the wood make this something to behold.  Just picture this sitting on your table or desk full of your favorite treats.  It will hold 2 ½ cups of them so go ahead and tease the other folks around you with it.  The diameter is 9” and the inside diameter is 4”.  The total height is 4” and the vessel depth is 2 ½”.  The wood was first sealed with food grade walnut oil and then finished with straight shellac with some of it rubbed in by hand and then buffed.  This combination gives the jar a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  21Mar17  BXP77  $40.00 and $15.00 S&H