Mortars & Pestles

I finally decided that these unique pieces deserved their own section.  Which, of course means I need to make even more of them from a variety of woods.  And, that I will do.  After all, they are fun to make!  From the marketing aspect they are generally fast sellers.  I hope you enjoy the variety that I have to offer.


5" Spalted Pecan Mortar & Pestle


OK.  This is nice.  Simply nice.  When you figure the mortar is spalted pecan you can’t help but notice the beauty of it.  The pestle though a somewhat darker shade all over actually came from the same piece of a log.  The mortar came from one side and the pestle from the other.  Just goes to show how Mamma Nature can mix it up.  All of the wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil and finished with a second coat.  The mortar is 5” in diameter, 2 ¼” high and 1 ½” deep.  The volume is 1 cup.  The pestle is 1” in diameter and 5 ½” long.  Some wonder why I turn the pestle to be so long and to me it is simple.  A longer pestle is easier for me to use with my arthritis so it probably will be easier for you!  And, certainly more comfortable.  You will like it.  11May18  VP42  $27.50  and $8.00 S&H


Splendid Pecan Mortar & Pestle


Oh, the color of pecan wood can simply be splendid looking!  The wood this mortar and pestle set was turned from is such a good example of that.  While shaping the mortar I decided to give it a bit of a flare at the base.  Also, I burned two lines on the outside just for decorative purposes.  The wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil and then finished with a walnut oil based wax.  The mortar is 5” in diameter, 2 ¾” high and 1 ¾” deep.  The volume measured at 1 cup.  The pestle is 1” in diameter with a length of 5”.  This beautiful set will come in handy whether you are a professional chef or the household cook.  I use a similar set in my kitchen.  13Mar18  VP41  $30.00 and $10.00 S&H