Multi Sided Turnings

What you will find here are turnings from various woods that obviously are not round.  But, they have 3 or more sides.  More will be added as time rolls along so please check here often.   Thanks, Dave!

Flared Cedar Elm Goodie Bowl

Is this a goodie bowl or what?  Makes no difference whether you use it for nuts and candies, it will work well.  You might even use it as a catch all bowl for keys and change and the like.  No matter the usage you pick, this bowl turned from beautiful cedar elm will look real good.  For those who have never heard of Cedar Elm, it is also known as Texas Elm and Texas Cedar Elm.  It is referred to as cedar elm because it commonly grows around cedar trees.  And feel confidence putting edibles in it as the wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil and then finished with a walnut oil based wax that includes carnauba.  The bowl is 7 ½” long, 4 ½” wide, 3” at highest point, 1 ¾” at the lowest.  The depth is 1” measured to the lowest side level and the volume measures 1 cup.  Now seeing the volume was measured to the lowest side level, that does not mean you can’t just pile goodies in until they fall out!!!  Enjoy this beautiful and unique shaped bowl.  25May19  BLCE9  $28.00  and Free Standard shipping within Continental United States.