Natural Edge Turning

There is something kinda special about turnings that have bark on the edges.  Of course some natural edge turnings have the bark removed leaving the wood bare.  Both are attractive and certainly have a rustic appeal to them.  Another thing about this kind of turning is they have been nicknamed "knuckle scrapers".  Due to the uneven edges and the bark, it is not unusual for a turner to lose a little bit of hide while sanding one of these.  Especially figgering it might be spinning at about 1000 or more rpm's.  Makes no difference.  Enjoy!

Bodark (Osage Orange) Natural Edge Bowl


It is hard to find wood harder than this in the United States but there is some.  Supposedly.  Bodark, also known as Osage Orange, is without a doubt a hard wood and difficult to turn at times.  Everything you use has to always be razor sharp.  I was in a quandary as whether to call this a natural edge bowl or not.   It certainly is not typical of a natural edge bowl.  But, when you look at one side and at the bottom you will see it blackened.  That was caused by a lightning strike that was the demise of this tree.  Split that big feller right down the middle!  I didn’t think I had anymore usable wood from that tree until I stumbled upon this piece and I am glad I did.  Another thing about this wood that Mamma Nature provides is the wood changes color from the golden color you see here to a burnt orange color.  You will also see the usual minor cracks in the wood that have no effect on the integrity of the bowl.  The outside diameter is 7 ¾” with the inside at 6 ¼”.  The height is 2 ¾” and the depth 2”.  The volume measured at 2 cups.  This bowl was not meant to be a serving bowl but used for nuts and candies and other tasty things.  Also a great bowl as a catch all for keys and change.  The wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil and then finished with a walnut oil based wax.  This gives the bowl a nice natural finish that is renewable with olive oil if needed.  27Feb19  BLBA97  $30.00 free shipping within Continental United States.



Gorgeous Pecan Wood Crotch Bowl


Gorgeous?  Yes.  Rustic in appearance?  Of course!  Folks who get this type of bowl are doing so because of the unusual appearance of them.  I was even successful in remembering to get a couple of photos of the wood before I started turning it to give you a perspective of the project.  I admit this type of turning can make you kinda pucker sometimes while spinning the wood.  With the unusual shape, you get a sound that reminds you of a propeller.  And, sometimes these come off the lathe and make you duck!  This wood is absolutely beautiful.  It is pecan after all.  The added spalting, natural edge and tiny knotholes really make it stand out.  The widest point of the bowl is 14” and the narrowest is about 1 ½”.  The height is 2 ¼”.  The bowl diameter is 8 ½” and the depth is 1 ½”.  I went on and measured the volume even though this kind of bowl is used more for displaying fruits and nuts and such.  That came to 4 cups.  The wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil and then finished with a walnut oil/shellac mixture.  This combination gives the bowl a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  16Jan19  BLP210  $40.00  Free shipping within Continental United States.