When folks think of hardwood the first wood that comes to mind is usually oak.  I suppose there is good reasons for that seeing oak is so common.  There are about 90 species of oak in the United States alone.   You have white, live, red, burr, black jack, and many other kinds.  Most of what I turn is red oak, or Texas Oak, but I also turn some live and white oak as well.  Just depends on what all I can get my hands on that is local wood.  One small bit of history trivia for you is that back in the 1980's when they did some restoration on "Old Ironsides", most of the live oak used came from Texas.  That is because of the natural bend that most of our live oak trees have.   Of course there are other hardwoods that you might find here.  Osage Orange, or bodark, comes to mind as well as even some elms.  So, browse around and hopefully you will see something that really catches your eye!

Eye Pleasing 5 Sided White Oak Bowl


I think most folks will agree that this smallish sized bowl is definitely easy on the eyes.  The natural color of white oak is rather amazing in it’s own right.  The grain patterns along with a couple of really small knot holes add so much to this bowl besides the fact that it is 5 sided.  This wood can be extremely unforgiving while working with it, yet it does polish up nicely.   The wood that this bowl came from was a burl, so that made it doubly harder to work with.  The wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil and then finished with a walnut oil/shellac mix.  This combination gives the bowl a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  The base has a small footprint which a lot of folks really like.  The general diameter is 8” with a height of 2 ¾” and depth of 2”.  The volume measured at 3 cups.  Great bowl for nuts or even candy.  Some might use it as a catch all bowl for keys and change and such.  25Nov18  BLWO16  $30.00 and $5.00 S&H Continental United States.


Fabulous Osage Orange Holiday Nut Bowl


You might just find it hard to argue that this bowl is fabulous.  Even though the name hints at it, this bowl is not restricted to holiday usage only.  Then again everyday might just be a holiday so go ahead and use it everyday!  Turned from extremely dense, therefore hard, osage orange (bodark) this bowl is really nice looking.  Rustic, not to be confused with vintage, is defined in this wood.  Rugged and beautiful, Mamma Nature takes this wood and turns it to a lovely burnt orange color as it is exposed to air.  Takes a while, but it will.  The bowl has some typical cracking that was reinforced with clear glue.  The bowl is 6 ¾” in diameter, 3” high and has a depth of 2”.  The volume measured at 2 ½ cups.  The wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil and then finished with a walnut oil/shellac mixture.  This combination gives the bowl a nice hard natural finish.  20Nov18  BLBA96   $30.00 and $5.00 S&H Continental United States


Ruggedly Beautiful White Oak Bowl


First of all I feel it is an accomplishment just getting a white oak bowl finished without any mishaps.  After all when you see the cracks that are in this wood you will understand.  Very few of the cracks go all the way through and I tried very hard to seal them all off with clear glue and natural dust.  The volume of this bowl measured to ½ gallon.  There is a very small leak in this bowl so it will not hold liquids but will certainly work with anything else.  The wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil and then finished with a walnut oil/shellac mixture.  Using this combination gives the bowl a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  The diameter of the bowl is 10 ¼” with a height of 3” and a depth of 2 ½”.  This rustic gem should work with anybody’s décor and will make an excellent centerpiece full of fruits and nuts for the holidays.  10Oct18  BLWO15  $40.00  Free Shipping Within Continental United States.


Small & Colorful White Oak Bowl


White Oak gives off a really nice warm and rustic feeling, doesn’t it?  The wonderful brown with a touch of lighter color really make this a beautiful bowl.  And, when you add the crushed turquoise into the knot hole area and a crack, you really have something exquisite here!  Though it is not an overly big bowl, it certainly has many uses.  Use it for fruits and nuts or candies or even a catch all bowl for keys and change.  Anyway you go with it this bowl will look good.  The wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil.  Then the finishing was done with a mixture of walnut oil and shellac with some walnut oil based wax added for a really durable natural finish.  The bowl is 8 ½” in diameter, 2 ½” high, and 1 ¾” deep.  The volume measures out to 3 ½ cups.  Not bad, not bad at all.  2Oct18  BLWO13  $30.00 and $9.00 S&H


Osage Orange Bowl w/Turquoise


For those who don’t know, osage orange is a very hard wood.  Also known as bodark, horseapple, bois d’ arc, hedgeapple and many other names.  A lot of turners will not work with this wood for a variety of reasons.  Mainly it does have a tendency to have hidden cracks that cause the wood to come apart while spinning and creating havoc!   I have experienced this first hand.  This bowl is more a display bowl with being a centerpiece in mind.  There is a small leak somewhere so it does not hold liquids.  Just a small drip that I could not locate.  The wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil.  Then the finishing was done with a walnut oil and shellac mix with some walnut oil based wax added for good measure.  You will find crushed turquoise in a couple of areas on the inside as well as the outside.  This adds to the rustic appearance of this piece.  One thing that Mamma Nature does with this wood is oxidation.  As the piece is exposed to air, the wood darkens to more like a burnt orange color.  Still a good looking bowl.  The diameter is 10 ¼”, the height is 2” and the depth is 1 ½”.  The volume measures to the brim at 6 cups.  21Aug18  BLBA95  $42.50  Free shipping in the Continental United States.


10" White Oak Serving Bowl


One way of describing this bowl turned from white oak is warm.  It does give off a warm and fuzzy kinda rustic feeling, doesn’t it?  A combination of light and dark browns, with heavy border lines really makes this bowl attractive.  You even have a small amount of natural edging to it.  This bowl is perfect for those who want a medium sized bowl for putting veggies or salads or other tasty treats in.  After all measuring to the brim it holds just a tad over 4 cups.  The diameter is 10” with a height of 1 ¾” and a depth of 1”.  The wood was first sealed with food grade walnut oil and then finished with a walnut oil/shellac mixture.  Using this combination gives the bowl a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  A bowl like this does not come around everyday so you might just want to get it!  27May18  BLWO10  $30.00 and $11.00 S&H


7 1/4" White Oak Bowl


When you see a bowl like this one there is a certain amount of wow factor.  The natural color of white oak makes it really stand out from other woods.  Some might say it is too small but let’s get serious about this.  Not that many folks need a huge bowl.  Most households have small to medium sized dining tables.  So, this bowl is actually just right for most people.  It is 7 ¼” in diameter, 2 ¾” high and 2 ¼” deep.  Don’t let the size fool you as it does have a capacity of 3 cups measured to the brim.  That is more than you might think.  The wood was sealed with a couple of coats of food grade walnut oil and then finished with a mixture of walnut oil and shellac.  This gives the bowl a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  You will find some small minor cracking here and there which is typical of this wood so don’t let that bother you.  They just add to the rustic appeal.  22Apr18  BLWO8  $25.00 and $10.00 S&H


Stunningly Rustic White Oak Bowl


Just picture yourself walking into an old ghost town that has been abandoned for 120+ years.  You see the old saloon and work your way inside past the dilapidated swinging doors.  On the bar you see a bowl covered with dust and cobwebs.  You dust the bowl off and what do you see?  It’s a beautiful old white oak bowl that was probably used for peanuts or potato chips for the patrons.  Age has taken it’s toll and at the same time added to it’s good looks.  Knot holes, cracks and great coloration make you want to take this bowl home with you.  The diameter is 9 ¼” with a height of 3 ¼” and a depth of 2 ½”.  Estimated volume is ½ gallon.  The wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil and finished with a walnut oil/shellac mixture.  This bowl is meant to be used for fruit, nuts and other tasty goodies that are not liquid.  Though it has a nice natural finish I do not expect this bowl to hold liquids.  10Mar18  BLWO7  $35.00 and $13.00 S&H