Cake/Pastry Stands

By the name of the page I figger you all know what's going to be listed here.  Right?  Yes, turned wood stands for you to put your luscious cakes and pastries on.  You might even put a pie on it.   Well, maybe you ought to make a point of putting a pie on it.   Enjoy!!!

7 1/4" Pecan Wood Cupcake Stand


This might be considered a little brother or sister to the other stands I have turned.  Might even be a cousin of the smaller variety.  Anyway you want to look at it this stand is really good looking.  Turned from beautiful pecan wood, this particular piece of wood came from a crotch on the tree.  I personally think that accounts for a lot of the natural color with the spalting in it.  You will even find what I can a bit of “wormholishness” in the base which adds a rustic appeal to it.  The top diameter is 7 ¼” and the base is 3 ¼” in diameter.  The height of the stand is 2”.  The wood was wet sanded with walnut oil and then sanded on down through the necessary grits.  Then the wood was finished with a mixture of walnut oil and shellac.  This combination gives the stand a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  Grab this while it’s here.  9Aug19  SDP61  $27.50  Free standard shipping within Continental United States.  All other locations contact me with zip code for shipping costs.


Pecan Cupcake Display Stand


This will be a wonderful addition to anybody’s home.   As most cooks and bakers know it’s all about presentation.  Now picture this stand with 4 or 5 cupcakes on it.  Or some other tasty morsel!  I was able to leave a little bit of natural edge on it.  Also I burned 3 lines into the base for decorative purposes only.  The diameter of the top is 8 ½” and the base measures at 3 ¾”.  The height of the stand is 2 ¾”.  I thought about getting some cupcakes and using them in the photos but the only problem with doing that is nothing would get done in the shop until I ate them all.  Sorry.  The wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil and then finished with a walnut oil based wax.  This combination gives the stand a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  20Nov17  SDP50  $30.00 and $12.00 S&H