Pedestal Bowls

Pedestal bowls are very attractive and look good anywhere.  One of the other nice thing about them is I really enjoy turning them from all kinds of wood.  The line will be expanding as time allows so please take time to check this page often.

Gorgeous Pecan Wood Winged Pedestal Bowl


Is it OK if I give this bowl a big WOW???  I think it kinda deserves it, don’t you?  Just look at the natural colors, grain pattern and to add a bit of extra rustic flavor a fantastic looking crack in the shape of a fish hook.  The crack was filled in layers with clear glue and natural dust so it should never cause a problem of any kind.  On the bottom is what I believe is a knot hole gone a bit crazy.  Cool looking, too.  The length of this piece is 9 ½” and the width is 6 ¾”.  The height is 2 ½” and the depth was measured at 1 ¼” at the low side.  The volume is about 2” measured to the same low side.  The wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil and then finished with several coats of shellac.  Using these ingredients gives the bowl a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  The pecan bowl will not last long.  6May19  BLP213  $37.50  Free shipping within Continental United States



Sumptous Hackberry Pedestal Bowl


Yes, I think this bowl is sumptuous looking.  If you look at the wonderful spalting mixed in with the natural colors of hackberry, I think you will agree.  There is even a couple of lines in the bottom that appear to go through the wood but do not.  But I filled them in with clear glue and natural dust to give a nice smooth surface.  When measuring the volume of this bowl it held 4 cups of water just fine.  The diameter is 7 ½” and 4” at the base.  The height is 4 ½” and the depth 2 ½”.  The simple clean lines of this bowl make it one that you will love to have sitting on your table.  Folks are gonna ask you about it, no doubt.  The wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil and then finished with a walnut oil/shellac mixture.  With a combination such as that gives the bowl a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  28Jan19  BLHB72  $32.50  Free shipping within the Continental United States.


Gracious Cedar Elm Pedestal Bowl


This is the first piece of cedar elm that I have turned in quite some time.  A lot of folks say they have never heard of the wood, but it is quite prevalent in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and a few other states.  It is also known as Texas Elm.  This bowl has some natural defects in it that I felt needed to stay for rustic appearance.  You will find some cracks that I reinforced with clear glue and natural dust and some blemishes in the wood.  The bowl does hold liquids to the amount of 3 cups.  The diameter is 6 ¾” with a height of 3” and a depth of 2 inches.  The wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil and then finished with a walnut oil/shellac mixture.  This gives the bowl a nice hard natural finish that you may use with confidence.    13May19  BLCE6  $30.00  Free shipping within Continental United States.


Cute Pecan Wood Pedestal Bowl


This smallish sized bowl is just right for many uses such as nuts and candy.  OK.  Yeah.  You can put other stuff in it as well.  Who am I to tell you what you can or cannot put in it?  The diameter of this little gem is 4 ¾” and it has a height of 3”.  The depth of the bowl is 1 ¾” and it has an approximate volume of 1 cup.  I didn’t measure it but I figger it to be about that.  Take a close look at the natural color of this pecan wood and you will surely love it.  The wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil and then finished with a walnut oil/shellac mixture.  A combination like this gives the bowl a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  14Apr19  BLP212  $20.00 and Free shipping within Continental United States


Delightful White Oak Pedestal Bowl


Without any discussion, I think all will look at this bowl and agree that it is delightful!  With the grain patterns that naturally come with White Oak, along with the coloring make this a bowl that will work with pretty much any décor.  You can just picture this bowl sitting on your table full of nuts and other tasty treats.  For it’s size I think with it holding 3 cups is really handy.  The diameter is 7 ¾” with a height of 2 3/4”.  The depth comes to 1 ½”.  After sanding the wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil.  Then it was finished with a mixture of walnut oil and shellac a bit heavy on the shellac.  This bowl is not meant to hold liquids.  It may or may not but just keep in mind that was not the intent of the turner.  One of a kind so don’t snooze on this.  BLWO14  5Oct18  $31.50  Free Shipping Within the Continental United States


Splendiferous Pecan Centerpiece Bowl


Some may be wondering where in the world did I come up with the word splendiferous from.  Well, I really don’t know but it does sound good, doesn’t it?  This fine looking bowl will look absolutely great sitting on anybody’s table as a centerpiece.  That is one of the really nice things about the natural color of pecan wood.  It pretty much fits in anywhere.  You will find the makings of a knot hole in the center of the bottom but not to worry, it does not go all the way through.  This bowl held 6 cups of water just fine.  The wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil and then finished with a walnut oil based wax.  I wanted this bowl to have a more natural satin sheen to it and I think that was accomplished.  Using the combination that was used here gives the bowl a nice hard natural finish.  The bowl measures 10 ¼”, the height is 3” and the depth is 2”.  26Mar18  BLP185  $40.00 and $14.00 S&H


6 1/2" Pecan Candy/Nut Pedestal Bowl


You might think that this bowl is so good looking that it would be bad to put something in it.  Well, OK.  But I have no problem with it being full of candies, nuts and other tasty treats.  With the natural coloration of the pecan wood, it is a gorgeous bowl for sure.  The bowl holds a nice 2 cups measured to the brim.  The diameter is 6 ½” with a base diameter of 2 3/4”.  The height comes to 2 ½” with a depth of 1 ½”.  The wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil and then finished with 2 coats of a walnut oil based wax.  Using a combination like this gives the bowl a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  28Jan18  BLP181  $26.50 and $10.00 S&H


Cute Elm Pedestal Bowl


I don’t think anybody can say this nice little bowl ain’t cute.  After all it was turned from elm, it is pedestal styled, and it is good looking.  Perfect for putting all kinds of goodies in.  Fill it up with your favorite goodies or even use it for potpourri.  The diameter is 5 ¼” with a height of 2 ½” and a depth of 1 ¼”.  The volume measures at 1 cup.  The wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil and then finished with a walnut oil based wax.  Totally renewable with olive oil.  With this sealing and finish the bowl has a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  13Sep17  BLE58  $20.00 and $8.00