Softwood Turnings

Howdy!  To me softwoods are cottonwood and hackberry.  Elm falls into this as well.  There are others, of course but those are the two softwoods that I turn.  Also you need to include cedar in this category.    Both cottonwood and hackberry are fibrous woods and take a great deal of sanding to make them smooth.  But, no matter how you try there will always be what is called burring on them.  But, that just adds some character I think.  Enjoy!

Spalted Hackberry Serving Bowl


9 1/4" Spalted Hackberry Bowl


There is nothing like a really nice looking bowl full of pecans!  This particular bowl is turned from hackberry.  Some folks consider hackberry a trash tree, but it sure has some great looking wood for trash.  Taking in the spalting and the natural colors of this wood, you have some really special in your hands.  The diameter of the bowl is 9 ¼” with a height of 2 ¾”.  The depth is 2 ¼” and the volume is 6 cups.  The wood was sealed with a couple of coats of food grade walnut oil.  Then it was buffed with a tripoli wood buffing compound.  The finishing was done with shellac with a bit of walnut oil based wax mixed in.  Then the bowl was buffed again at high speed.  Using these methods and materials give the bowl a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  17Jul21  BLHB88  $42.50  Qualifies for free shipping within the United States.


11 1/4" Hackberry Bowl


When you consider the natural colors of hackberry you just can’t go wrong.  Look at this bowl and you will see what I mean.  Then add the spalting lines and then it is a really nice looking bowl.  Typical of soft woods you will even find some evidence of worms that tried to devour the wood.  There are other natural defects in the wood that simply add flavor to the bowl.  The bowl is 11 ¼” in diameter and 4” high.  The depth is 3” and the volume measured ¾ gallons.  The sealing of the wood was done with 3 coats of food grade walnut oil.  The wood just kept soaking it in!  The finishing was done with more walnut oil combined with lacquer and lemon oil wax.  Then after all that had a chance to dry the bowl was buffed at high speed to get a nice satin sheen.  Using these materials and methods gives the bowl a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  18Jan21  BLHB84   $52.50  Qualifies for free shipping within the United States.


12 1/4" Hackberry Multipurpose Bowl


You just have to love the natural colors of hackberry wood.  Take this bowl and just look at it.  Add some spalting to the mix and you have one really good looking bowl.  You even have to add some knots.  The grain patterns really stand out and there was an interesting worm hole in the side.  Seeing I wanted this bowl to do it all, I filled it in with natural dust, coffee grounds and clear glue.  This bowl is multipurpose as that it can be used as a salad bowl, serving bowl for veggies and such and even a popcorn bowl.  Look in the bottom and you will see the traditional popcorn bowl trough for unpopped kernels to roll into.  The wood was sealed two times with food grade walnut oil, a 24 hour process.  The finishing was done with several coats of shellac mixed with some lemon oil wax for better spreading and penetration of the wood.  The diameter is 12 ½” with a height of 4 ¼”.  The depth is 3 ½” with a volume measuring 1 gallon.  Using these ingredients gives the bowl a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  7Jul20  BLHB82  $58.50  Qualifies for free shipping within the United States.


Amazing Hackberry Serving Bowl


I suppose the most amazing thing about something turned from hackberry is, well, the fact that the wood does look amazing.  I don’t think I can put it better than that.  Looking at the wood you see some really nice natural colors, grain patterns and then the spalting lines.  There are some natural defects here and there in the wood that I left alone.  Another nice thing about this bowl is that it only weighs 1 ¼ lbs.  The diameter is 10 ½” with a height of 2 ¾”.  The depth is 2” and the volume is 7 cups.  That’s a fair amount of salads, veggies, and other tasty things.  The wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil and then the finishing was done with shellac mixed in with some lemon oil wax.  Using all of these different items gives the bowl a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  9Jun20  $42.50 and $7.00 S&H  Shipping listed is for standard shipping with Continental United States.  All other areas contact me with zip code for shipping costs.


Exquisite Hackberry Serving Dish/Bowl


I believe that exquisite is an accurate word for describing this great looking dish.  Well, you might call is a shallow bowl, too.  It held 1/2 gallon of water for measuring, so if you want to use it as a serving bowl you can.  The best thing to say is you can use it for anything you wish!  The size dictates a somewhat large footprint on your table as the diameter is 13 3/4".  The height is 2 1/4" and the depth is 1 1/4".  With the natural colors and spalting in this wood it is really gorgeous.  The wood was sealed with a food grade walnut oil then finished with a mixture of walnut oil and shellac.  Using a combination such as this gives the dish a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  One of a kind and a real beauty.  8Jan20 SDHB7 $55.00 and $8.00 S&H.  Shipping listed is for standard shipping with Continental United States.  All other areas contact me with zip code for shipping costs.


11 3/4" Hackberry Serving Dish


Hackberry can be a very good looking wood on it’s own.  Just look at the natural colors with the spalting added by Mamma Nature!  That is a look that is hard to beat.  Some folks might not even want to put anything in it as it looks so good.  But, hey!  I design my turnings to be used, so please put this beauty to work.  The wood was sealed with a couple of coats of food grade walnut oil.  After that was soaked in good the finishing was done with a walnut oil/shellac mixture.  When using a combination such as that gives the dish a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  The diameter of the dish is 1 ¾” with a height of 1 ¾” and a depth of 1”.  As it is not meant to hold liquids I didn’t get a volume measurement.  Personally I can see this dish sitting on a coffee table full of chips with a bowl full of salsa or guacamole along side of it.  Yummy!!!  24Nov19  SDHB6  $40.00  Free standard shipping within Continental United States.  All other locations contact me with your zip code for shipping costs.



Charming Cottonwood Serving Bowl


With the distinct ribbing on the outside there is no doubt you will find this mid sized serving bowl charming.  Turned from cottonwood which is the poplar family of trees can be beautiful.  A somewhat soft wood that has a fibrous quality to it, it was a very useful wood to the westward bound settlers in America.  Where there were cottonwood trees, there was water.  Simple as that as they only grow in wet areas.  And, the settlers made great use of the wood making bowls, plates, and all sorts of utensils and other wares.  This bowl is 9” in diameter, with a height of 3” and a depth of 2 ¼”.  The volume of the bowl measured to 5 cups to the brim.  The wood was dry sanded and then to get a good smooth surface it was wet sanded with sandpaper and walnut oil.  With softer woods this has proven to be a great help.  The sealing was done with food grade walnut oil and then finished with shellac mixed with a walnut oil based wax.  All of these natural ingredients in combination give the bowl a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  2Nov19  BLCW105  $35.00  Free standard shipping within Continental United States.  All other locations contact me with your zip code for shipping costs.



Simply Nice Cottonwood Bowl


Cottonwood is a good looking and durable wood.  Even though it is relatively soft, it holds up well.  Settlers heading west used it for most everything.  This bowl holds a goodly amount of 5 cups measured to the brim.  The natural light color mixed with the grays make this attractive.  I think you find this fits into most decors.  The bowl is 9 ¼” in diameter, 2 ¾” high and has a depth of a little over 2”.  The bottom has a slight concave to it so that makes it just right.  The wood was first sealed with food grade walnut oil and then finished with a mixture of walnut oil and shellac.  This combination gives the bowl a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  This bowl will work very well as a medium sized serving bowl, display bowl for fruits and nuts, or even a popcorn bowl.  2May18  BLCW94  $27.50  $11.00 S&H