Softwood Turnings

Howdy!  To me softwoods are cottonwood and hackberry.  There are others, of course but those are the two softwoods that I turn.  Also you need to include cedar in this category.    Both cottonwood and hackberry are fibrous woods and take a great deal of sanding to make them smooth.  But, no matter how you try there will always be what is called burring on them.  But, that just adds some character I think.  Enjoy!

100th Cottonwood Serving Bowl


Yep.  This is the 100th cottonwood bowl that I have turned since I started cataloging them.  So, theoretically it could be the 125th bowl.  You might want to use this bowl for veggies or even smashed spuds.  Another use is as a pretty big fruit bowl.  And, lest we forget that it may be used as a large popcorn bowl!  Can’t forget the popcorn.  Now not every family has a use for a bowl of this size as it is 11 ½” in diameter, 4 ½” high, and 3 ½” deep.  With that diameter it does take up a bit of table space.  But it does hold 1 gallon.  That is a lot of veggies or popcorn.  You will see a nice lip on this bowl for ease in handling, even though it only weighs 3 pounds.  The wood was sealed with two coats of food grade walnut oil.  Then the finishing was done with several coats of a walnut oil/shellac mixture.  Using a combination like this gives the bowl a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  Great looking bowl with the natural colors.  There is a little bit of “pithing” here and there that would not sand out and adds to the rustic appearance of the bowl.  20Feb19  BLCW100  $50.00 and free shipping within Continental United States.


Majestic Hackberry Serving Bowl


When you look at all the coloring involved naturally with this hackberry bowl I think there is a certain majestic look to it.  Another great quality about this bowl is it has a small “footprint” and a high volume.  After all the bowl is only 9 ¾” in diameter and holds a whopping ¾ gallon measured to the brim.  The height is 5” and the depth is 4” and even with the concave bottom that leaves a nice bottom for stability.  This type of bowl, with it’s dimensions are really popular with households that what a large capacity bowl but don’t have really large dining tables.  This bowl will work really well for that.  There is a nice lip for ease in holding and picking up the bowl.  There are a couple of small defect burring spots right under the lip.  They add a bit of homemade character to the bowl.  Fill it with salads, veggies or even popcorn!  After all the wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil and then finished with a walnut oil/shellac mixture.  A combination like this gives the bowl a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  With almost half of the bowl the dark gray to almost black shade, all provided my Mamma Nature, this bowl is highly attractive and will get folks to talking when they see it.  After all besides being rather majestic looking it does have a certain WOW FACTOR to it.  12Dec18  BLHB68  $42.50  free shipping within Continental United States only.


6 Sided 6 Cupper Cottonwood Bowl


This bowl is without any doubt nice looking.  It has a fairly large volume (6 cups) with a relatively small footprint.  Considering that it will not take up a lot of space on your dining table.  After all the diameter is only 9 ¾” with a height of 4” and a depth of 3”.  That will hold a pretty fair amount of salad or other goodies.  Use it for serving veggies or as a display bowl for fruits and nuts.  This bowl is kinda hard to go wrong with, ya know?  The wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil which took 2 coats rubbed in.  Then the bowl was finished with a mix of walnut oil and shellac with the mix being about 75% shellac.  After adequate drying the bowl was buffed at high speed.  Using a sealing and finishing combination like this the bowl has a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  Great bowl as a gift or get it for yourself and make folks jealous!  28Nov18  BLCW99  $38.50 and $5.00 S&H within Continental United States.


Simply Nice Hackberry Serving Bowl


Yes, this bowl is simply nice.  Most everybody says hackberry is nice looking, and it certainly is.  Look at the natural dark and light colors it has.  Add the spalting lines and you really have a bowl worthy of sitting on your table.  Use it as a serving bowl for veggies or as a display bowl for fruits and nuts.  And don’t forget it would be great for popcorn!  Lest we forget the good tasting popcorn.  This is the first bowl from a new batch of hackberry logs that I just acquired.  This bowl is 9 ¾” in diameter, 3” high, and 2 ¼” deep.  The volume came to measuring about ½ gallon.  The wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil.  It was then finished with a walnut oil/shellac mixture.  This gives the bowl a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  The lip starts at 1/8” and then the sides taper down to the center.  The bowl weighs in at a nice 1 ½ pounds.  5Nov18  BLHB66

$35.00 and Free Shipping within Continental United States


Savory Cottonwood Serving Bowl


There are many things about this smallish sized cottonwood bowl that make it a savory piece to own.  First of all is it’s size and capacity.  Measured to the brim this bowl holds 4 cups.  That is a lot more than a lot of folks think.  Second thing about this bowl is the grain patterns of the wood along with the spalting that Mamma Nature gave it.  The shape is simple yet nice with a line burned on the outside where the lip is.  You even have where it looks like a knot hole was starting.  All in all a great looking little bowl with lots of uses.  The wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil and then finished with a mixture of walnut oil, walnut oil based wax, and shellac.  This combination gives the bowl a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  So use the bowl with confidence as a serving bowl for your salads and veggies and whatever else you put in it.  Could even be used as a personal popcorn bowl!  Never forget your popcorn.  5Sep18  BLCW97  $28.50  Free shipping within Continental United States


8 1/2" Cottonwood Serving Bowl


You hear me saying a lot that everybody needs a bowl, but not everybody needs or wants a big bowl.  A lot of dining tables simply are rather small.  So, a bowl of this size is really perfect for smaller needs.  Totally usable for veggies, smashed spuds and anything else you wish to put in it.  The wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil and then finished with a walnut oil and shellac mix with a bit of wax added.  This gives the bowl a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  The natural colors of cottonwood are what I think of as warm and subtle.  The lights and grays of the wood make it a fine looking piece.  The bowl measures 8 ½” in diameter, 2” high and has a depth of 1 ½”.  The volume measures at 3 cups to the brim.  Simple care instructions are included.  Whatever you use this bowl for it will work well and look great on any table.  21Aug18  BLCW96  $25.00 and Free Shipping in the Continental United States.


Elegant Cottonwood Trinket Bowl


Elegant?  I think the shape of this smallish bowl is certainly elegant.  Nice simple smooth lines turned from a nice looking wood.  How can you go wrong with that?  Now I called it a trinket bowl, but you may certainly use it for nuts, candies or anything else you might want.  After all the wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil and then finished with a couple of coats of a walnut oil based wax.  Using a combination such as this gives the bowl a nice long lasting natural finish.  The bowl is 8” long, 5 ¾” wide, 2 ¾” high, 1 ½” deep.  It has a measured capacity of 1 ½ cups up to the lower brim of the bowl.  14Jul18  BLCW95  $25.00 and $8.00 S&H


Cottonwood Dish With a Flare


Nothing like a square edge bowl with flair to set things off right!  And, with it turned from cottonwood it has a soft and rustic appeal to it.  With the subtle light and faint darker colors, you will find it fits with most any décor.  Although a relatively soft wood, which is in the poplar family of trees, it is also fairly durable.  The sight of cottonwoods in the distance was a sure sign of water to early settlers during their travels west. Borrowing the Spanish word for 'cottonwood,' the Mission San Antonio de Valero is commonly known as 'The Alamo' because of the presence of nearby cottonwood trees.  This dish is 9 ½” square, 1 ¾” high and has a depth of about 1”.  The wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil and then finished with a walnut oil and shellac mixture.  Using a combination such as this gives the dish a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  25Jun18  SDCW9  $35.00 and $11.00 S&H


Simply Nice Cottonwood Bowl


Cottonwood is a good looking and durable wood.  Even though it is relatively soft, it holds up well.  Settlers heading west used it for most everything.  This bowl holds a goodly amount of 5 cups measured to the brim.  The natural light color mixed with the grays make this attractive.  I think you find this fits into most decors.  The bowl is 9 ¼” in diameter, 2 ¾” high and has a depth of a little over 2”.  The bottom has a slight concave to it so that makes it just right.  The wood was first sealed with food grade walnut oil and then finished with a mixture of walnut oil and shellac.  This combination gives the bowl a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  This bowl will work very well as a medium sized serving bowl, display bowl for fruits and nuts, or even a popcorn bowl.  2May18  BLCW94  $27.50  $11.00 S&H


11 1/2" Cottonwood Serving Bowl


When you look at this bowl turned from cottonwood, you might wonder why you don’t already have one.  It is a great looking wood and sorta gives off a warm feeling.  Now some folks will say it looks fun, but to me it’s warm.  Of course those who know me will tell you I am so far from politically correct I barely know how to spell it.  Measured to the brim this bowl holds a nice amount of 5 cups.  Not saying you can’t pile the salad up higher than the brim, or for that matter smashed spuds.  It would work well as a popcorn bowl, too.  The bowl is 11 ½” in diameter, 1 ¾” high, and has a depth of 1”.  The wood was sealed with two coats of food grade walnut oil and then finished with a walnut oil based wax.  This combination gives the bowl a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  Lightweight as well as durable, don’t pass this bowl up.  4Dec17  BLCW89  $35.00 and $12.00 S&H


Tasteful 11" Cottonwood Bowl


Are you looking for a medium sized wood bowl that would look really good on your table as a centerpiece?  Then you really need to consider this tasteful and warm looking cottonwood bowl.  Not overly large as the diameter is 11” with a height of 2” and a depth of 1 ¼”.  But, it does hold 5 cups of liquid measured to the brim of the bowl!  One other consideration for this bowl is that it is lightweight.  I have not put it on the scale but I can’t picture it weighing over 2 pounds.  The natural colors of this wood make it a favorite with a lot of people.  The wood was first sealed with food grade walnut oil and then finished with a walnut oil/shellac mix.  This combination gives the bowl a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  I mixed the finish where there was just enough shellac to give the bowl a bit of shine, but not overly so.  This way you can still feel the grain of the wood.  25Nov17  BLCW87  $35.00 and $12.00 S&H


6 Cupper Cottonwood Bowl


When you first saw the name of this bowl you probably first wondered what a 6 cupper was.  It simply means that it holds 6 cups measured to the brim!  Cottonwood is a soft wood that is also a bit on the fibrous side.  All that means is that sometimes it is very difficult to get a totally smooth sanded surface over the entire bowl.  To me that just adds a bit to the rustic appeal that I do try to preserve in each piece I turn.  The grain patterns in cottonwood are subtle yet very nice.  The natural coloration of this wood varies so much.  You have a light tan mixed with a medium shade of brown and even some gray.  The wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil and then it received another two coats.  Then it was finished with a walnut oil based wax.  Using this combination gives the bowl a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  This type of finish also lets you feel the grain in the wood.  The bowl is 10 ½” in diameter, 2 ½” high, and 1 ¾” deep.  A great bowl for salads and veggies.  You might even use it as a popcorn bowl.  14Nov17  BLCW85  $35.00 and $12.00 S&H


Delightful Cottonwood Bowl


Now this smallish sized bowl turned from cottonwood ought to catch your eye.  After all look at the natural colors of it.  Certainly a delightful looking piece for sure!  So, don’t pass this up.  You might use it as a candy or nut bowl or even put potpourri in it.   Others might even use it as a catch all bowl for keys and change.  As that this bowl will fit almost anywhere, it’s uses are limitless.  You will see on the outside some minor shallow cracking that occurred in the drying process that I decided to leave for more rustic appearance. It measures 7 ¼” in diameter, 1 ¾” high, and 1 ¼” deep.  The volume measures out to   be 2 cups to the brim.  The wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil and then finished with a walnut oil based wax.  Using a combination such as this gives the bowl a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  8Oct17  BLCW83  $20.00 and $8.00 S&H