Tea Light Holders

Yeah, how about that?  A new page dedicated to tea light holders.  The tea light, from my understanding, originated in Japan to be mainly used in tea ceremonies.  They also used them for ambience in the room.  Now, here in America we use them for all sorts of things.  But, I think the main use is ambient lighting.  I turn these little gems primarily from cut off from various logs, so there will certainly be more.  Stay turned!

Pecan Wood Tea Light Holder


This tea light candle holder was turned from wonderful looking pecan wood.  With great natural color, grain patterns, and a tad bit of spalting you cannot ask for a better looking piece.  The grommet that holds the candle is imported from Germany.  The holder also comes with 3 candles to hold you for a little while.  The diameter is 4 ½” and the height is 1 ¾”.  The wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil and the finishing was done with orange oil wax.  This gives the holder a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  15Jun20  CHP6  $20.00 and $3.00 S&H.  Shipping price listed is for standard shipping with Continental United States.  All other areas contact me with zip code for shipping costs.