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Howdy to you from North Central Texas!  There are lots of things that are changing as I build up this website.  You will see with each piece a PayPal link for purchasing, but that will not be working ( I think ) until all accounting pieces are put together.  Then I hope to also offer Square as well.  So stay tuned and I hope you will see something that you like.

Thanks, Dave

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Gorgeous Mahogany Goblet Set (Specialty Items/Sets)

Tempting Cherry Wood Candy/Nut Bowl (Oaks/Hardwoods)

Jacaranda Wood Jar (Jars/Canisters)

Beautiful Maple Candy/Nut Jar (Pedestal Bowls)

Nicely Simple Mountain Cedar Bowl (Softwood Turnings)

Beautiful Indian Rosewood Spice/Salt Box (Boxes)

Luscious Maple Mortar & Pestle Set (Mortars & Pestles)




Gertrude & Matilda

Unusual Duck

As many folks know, I feed a fair amount of wild critters.  Deer, squirrels, rabbits, turkeys, and as of the past couple of years black bellied whistling ducks.  Cute ducks they are.  I have never seen a duck sit on a power line before but lo and behold, I had one doing it on April 18, 2017.  Just so you will believe me instead of accusing me of spinning a Texas yarn, here is a photo just for you!

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