One Of My Supervisors

This is a young one to say the least.  He just crawled right up on my hand and went for a ride.  Posed for the photos really well.  One of the many I have hanging around in the shop.

Gertrude & Matilda

Felt Horn Bucks


I managed to get these photos on June 10, 2013 around 8p.m.  I am not sure if you can make all of them out, but there are 4 bucks there.  The bright streak in two of the photos is a danged spider web.  Sorry about that but there was not avoiding it.  The biggest of them did not seem to care about me at all and let me sit down on the deck and talk to him while he ate.  Hope you enjoy them!

Bucks Night Out


Sometimes it never ceases to amaze me about who I am feeding out there!  These photos were taken on the evening of September 17, 2012 at around 7:30 p.m.  There were four of them.  Three were pretty danged good sized and one was a little younger.  The photos are not the best in the world, but about as good as I can get.  They did not seem to mind me stepping out the door and taking their pictures at all.  Nice fellas.

Critters I Feed!

It seems a never ending thing on what I end up feeding out there.  I started feeding birds to help rid the immediate area of grasshoppers, and that seems to be working some.  Also, we have a squirrel who hangs around a lot and so now I am feeding him sunflower seeds.  He sleeps in one of the tubs that Belinda has her roses in.  He has a small area scooped out and that is where he sleeps.  Now, we have a big raccoon who has added his appetite to the list of Nature's friends.  With his size, I am quite sure it is a male.  I wil make attempts to get his photo.  He is not afraid of us.  When we go out at night to let the dogs do their business, he is always there finishing off the sunflower seeds.  He just gets behind the log and waits for us to leave.   Cool.  He definitely cleans the pan.  Good boy.

Miss Spindly & Her Adopted Fawn


I managed to finally get a couple of photos on the evening of 25July12 of the doe Miss Spindly and her adoped fawn.  We know the fawn is not hers because she has been coming up here for a while and certainly was not carrying a fawn.  This fawn first showed up with a buck and then it adopted Miss Spindly.  By the way, I call her Miss Spindly because when you look at her head on, she is definitely bowlegged and her back hips move kinda funny.  Anyway, the fawn is cuter than a bug and I thought everybody might like seeing them together.

My Hungry Deer!!!

Some of you are aware of my deer that I feed on a daily basis.  This is a photo I took this morning, May 27, 2012 of some of them that decided they wanted breakfast as well as dinner.  I am not sure how much deer corn was left, but they did stay for about 15 minutes scrounging around.  I just thought you might like to see a photo of my friends.  The one more to the front is a yearling that just started coming here and it's legs seem a little weak or something.  Anyway, when it walks, it acts like it's legs aren't very strong.  I call it "Spindly".