Oh Goodie! I Tell You About Me Here!



   This is where I am supposed to tell you something about myself.  Not being very good at that, so I will try and let my work speak for me.  I hope that you will enjoy my site, and see something that you like.  For purchasing  my work, by January 6th, I hope to have all of the purchasing methods all sorted out and attached to each item.

   You will never hear me call myself the “naked woodwhatever”, or the “woodwhatever whisperer” or any other weird name.  I am not interested in standing in my shop at the lathe naked with working on something.  Also, I don’t whisper very well.  I’m a big man who spent many years as a Marine and people hear me quite well.  Where do people come up with that stupid crap anyway?  My name is Dave Hoskins, and I am a wood turner.  Good enough?  I hope so.

   You will find that I am not a politically correct person, nor do I strive to be.  I say things as I see them, and I also describe my work in a way that I hope you will appreciate and understand.  I use simple, plain facts about it and never try to lead you astray on anything.  I simply like to treat my customers the same way I like to be treated.  A handshake and a person's word is gold to me until they prove otherwise.

    I have been working with wood off and on since junior high school when I took wood shop.  So thank you, Mr. Worth Bishop the shop teacher.  I have been building rustic furniture for quite a while, mainly using pecan and mesquite.  I took this knowledge of wood, and decided to play around with woodturning.

   When I am turning I make all efforts to put out a product that not only looks good, but is quite useful.  There is nothing wrong with making only decorative pieces that have no use except to be looked at; if that is what you want to do.  I do make some decorative pieces on occasion.  But there is nothing better than to make a bowl or serving dish that is finished naturally and see it being used. 

     One other thing that I really try hard to do is keep my work affordable to just danged near everybody.  I hope that you will agree with me on that after you compare my pricing to some others that are out there.  I'm quite proud of my work, but I want you to be happy with it as well.