Shop Policies

        Here I am going to try and keep things simple.  There is no need to complicate things anymore than necessary.


  1. I do not ship internationally.  I used to but the expense of shipping international is not cost effective anymore.

  2. As far as refunds are concerned it is really simple.  I only refund for two reasons.  One is if I misrepresented my work in descriptions or photos.  Also, I do not refund ANY shipping costs.  The other reason is if you received my work and it was damaged and you can prove that with photos.  Since I package pieces for shipping the way I do the likelihood of that happening is very slim.

  3. I usually do not do special orders anymore.  Myself and other turners I know have been caught holding the bag, so to speak, with something that no one else wants.  So, if you want me to turn something special you will have to convince me you are definitely going to purchase it.

  4. I ship 99% of the time by USPS.  Most of the time the item goes by Priority Mail.  There just isn’t much difference anymore between Ground and Priority.